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Species/Cultivar Selection

Using Varietal/Seed Technology

Due to recent changes in climate, research has been done on determining ways to mitigate its effects on agriculture. One innovation is varietal or seed technology which aims to develop crop varieties suited to tolerate drastic changes in climate such as heat and drought, and increase the efficiency of nutrient uptake and cycling.

Climate Adaptation Effectiveness

Through this solution, plant varieties that could withstand climate-related stresses such as dry spells, flooding, and high salinity soils have been developed.

Climate Hazards

  • Drought
  • Extreme Heat
  • Rain-Induced Flooding
  • Rainfall Variability



Adaptation Sectors

  • Agriculture

CCET Instuments

  • Action Delivery

Target Group based on Vulnerability

Basic Sectors:
  • Children
  • Farmers and Landless Rural Workers
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Senior Citizens
  • Women
  • Youth and Students


Economic / Financial Effectiveness

If the cost of irrigation in farms exceeds USD 3,500/hectare, it would be wise to channel some of the investment on the development of varietal/seed technology and farm level technologies. This could lead to higher rates of return.

Technical Feasibility

Projections illustrate that through technology, total rice production in 2040 will improve by as much as 3.7% and consequently lower consumer prices by as much as 10% Use of varietal/seed technologies require research and technical knowledge to develop crop varieties that would tolerate climate-related stresses and could thrive in specific areas. Farmland technology and irrigation development should also go hand-in-hand to allow proper management of the crop varieties.

Social Acceptability
No Evidence

There is currently no data on social acceptability for this solution.

Environmental Impact

There is no direct environmental impact for this solution.

Mitigation co-benefit

There is no direct mitigation co-benefit for this solution.


varietal/seed technology, heat tolerant, drought resistant, efficient nutrient use, climate resiliient crop varieities


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