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Agricultural Technology

Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Benguet province has increasingly been exposed to climate risks such as temperature increase, longer droughts, and irregular rainfall patterns. The municipality of Atok in Benguet is one of the main producers of upland vegetables and is highly susceptible to dry spells. Rainwater harvesting tanks are adopted to act as a supplementary water resource during periods of drought.

Climate Adaptation Effectiveness

Rainwater harvesting tanks are an effective means of providing water during dry seasons. It prolongs the life of cabbage leaves and prevents pest and disease infestation.

Climate Hazards

  • Drought
  • Rainfall Variability


  • Municipality of Atok, Benguet Province, CAR, Philippines, Atok, Benguet, CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region)

Adaptation Sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Water Management

CCET Instuments

  • Action Delivery

Target Group based on Vulnerability

Basic Sectors:
  • Children
  • Farmers and Landless Rural Workers
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Senior Citizens
  • Women
  • Youth and Students


Economic / Financial Effectiveness

A harvesting tank costs PhP 288,00 and can support 20 hectares. If the investment cost per hectare is calculated, it would amount to PhP 133,000 per hectare with a turn around of one year. The internal rate of return for succeeding years would be 126% with an additional annual profit of PhP 52,860.

Technical Feasibility

This strategy is an effective means of increasing the cabbage yield from 11,287 kg to 16,421 kg per hectare. Due to high cost, the tanks in the study sites in Atok municipality were obtained through a Commission on Higher Education-funded project by the Benguet State University. The government could be tapped to provide more water tanks in small drought- and frost-prone farmlands.

Social Acceptability

The current adoption rate within the Province of Benguet is 15%.

Environmental Impact
Mid (-)

The establishment of the tanks lessens the amount of land available for production and disturbs the soil due to excavation activities prior to construction.

Mitigation co-benefit

There is no direct mitigation co-benefit for this solution.


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